Friday , 19 December 2014
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A Different Side of Reality Star Karlie Redd of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

A Different Side of Reality Star Karlie Redd of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Lydia Pierre and Desirable Magazine catches up with Karlie Redd for a never before seen side of the Reality Star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.


Karlie Redd has been labeled a Reality Vixen for quite some time and as any Google Image Search will show you, it is not far from the truth.  Karlie is known for her temptress style photos and vixen image. However, Desirable Magazine had the chance to see another side of Ms. Karlie Redd.  Being that Desirable Mag is a High Fashion Luxury Magazine, everything was done in an effort to stay true to that brand promise. So when it was known that Ms. Redd was going to be our next possible cover model, we made sure that everyone on board did their homework.  Everyone on the team (seen below) from the Photographers, to Makeup, to hair and ESPECIALLY Wardrobe were told to study and research everything Karlie Redd and do the exact opposite. The result…a Fabulous Shoot in which Ms. Redd showed us that High Fashion definitely looks good on her.

She tackled each and every pose like a pro and the camera loved her. She gave us Sass, Class and there was no need to show….well, you know.  With such amazing work, who knows, maybe Ms. Redd may consider a career in High Fashion Modeling.  What do you think?  CLICK HERE to see some behind the scenes images and you be the judge.

Stay Tuned for the Release of the Issue with Karlie Redd’s Full Spread.



Publication: Desirable Magazine (@DesirableMag)

Model:  Karlie Redd (@KarlieRedd)
Lead  Wardrobe Stylist: KL Allen (@klperfectpopulation)
Co-Stylists: Clyde Lewis (@clydewithlife), Sieje Akime (@sieje
Key Makeup Artist: Marisa Ross (@itsMarisaRoss)
Assistant Makeup Artist: Natalie Askie (2facesmadeflawless)
Hairstylist: Nicola Gibson (@msscolaa)
Interviewer: Lydia Pierre (@aUrBeautyLiaison)
Lennie Reid
Dontez Akins (@dtaphotography)


Here is what the Team had to say about the experience:
Photo Jan 21, 9 26 40 AM


  “I had an amazing time working with Lydia Pierre and Desirable Magazine Shoot for Karlie Redd from Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, it was very professional and allowed me to utilize my industry expertise to create a phenomenal shoot for Karlie”. —Lead  Wardrobe Stylist: KL Allen (@klperfectpopulation)










Photo Jan 21, 9 26 26 AM

“My experience working with Desirable Magazine was amazing! Everyone was friendly, professional, and welcoming! From the designers to makeup everything was picture perfect! Lydia did an amazing job handling the crew and assuring things ran smooth even with the minor road blocks we had. Karlie was a pleasure to work with! Very easy going, fun, sassy woman! I would definitely feel honored to work with the team as well as Karlie again! We were like a big family enhancing our passions!” —Hairstylist: Nicola Gibson (@msscolaa)








Photo Jan 21, 9 26 48 AM



“I had a wonderful time working with Lydia Pierre for the Desirable Magazine feature of Love and Hip Hop own Karlie Redd. Lydia was professional as well as down to earth and greeting me as I came in. Working on this shoot was exhilarating and fun. We were able to get the model Karlie Redd to do a fashion shoot and get her to wear beautiful threads, crafted by the designer. Karlie Redd showed us a new side of her with being able to pull of the designs of fashion. While interacting with one another everyone was on the same sheet of music, with help making this photoshoot perfect. Everyone was down to earth and I enjoyed my time working with wonderful inspiring people. I would like to thank Lydia Pierre and Desirable Magazine for the opportunity to work with great people in the fashion industry.”
— Photographer: Dontez Akins (@dtaphotography)





Photo Jan 21, 9 26 21 AM


“It was my pleasure to have to the opportunity to work with Lydia Pierre and Desirable Magazine on the Karlie Redd photo-shoot as one of the makeup artist! Lydia was very professional, punctual, a fast thinker and is extremely creative! Her work is impeccable and her communication turn time is swift. I was very impressed with her knowledge and passion for what she does in the industry. Overall she is a true gem to work with and the professional relationship I have gained is truly treasured. I look forward to working with Lydia Pierre and Desirable Magazine on more projects in the near future!”

– Assistant Makeup Artist: Natalie Askie (@facesmadeflawless)







Photo Jan 21, 9 26 15 AM



Key Makeup Artist: Marisa Ross (@itsMarisaRoss)