Monday , 26 January 2015
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Showing your Support for Desirable Magazine

Showing your Support for Desirable Magazine

Thank You

Our Projected Goals With Your Help:

1. Expand Desirable Magazine to Distributors: (to start cost effective subscriptions, and a home at your nearest market or local book stores i.e.. Barnes & Noble.)
2. Expand our reach in the mobile division: ( with funding coming from working our 40hrs per week jobs and putting another 40+ into creating these amazing issues Desirable Magazine had to put our dreams of releasing the Apple, Android, & Windows Mobile Apps of our magazine on hold due to funding issues.)
3. Deliver amazing content on a regular basis: (our goal is to deliver a new issues once a month and retract from our bi-monthly schedule and back away from our third party printing company currently rising our magazine prices. We want to be free to create a 100 page Magazine with amazing articles, puzzles, & stunning photos, and not have to limited our creativity.)

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