Sunday , 25 January 2015
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Once again music feels good , it tells us a true story from soft to gritty. Representing  Newark, NJ,  Hip- Hop superstar Vincci,  is an example of what is to come in music, period. Finally we are going back to a time when music just felt good to your soul. I had the honor to be able to sit down and chat with Vincci and I soon found that with him there is more than meets the eye. Quite the charmer, I also know that not only will his music make you fall for him but his gorgeous eyes will draw you in and capture you. I had the wonderful opportunity to vibe with him a bit and here is what he had to say:

1.      Q:  Describe your music? 
 A: I would define my music as clean music with a Hip Hop and Pop feel.  Timeless music.  Music that can be played for all audiences.

 2.   Q: What do you feel is missing from Hip-Hop?
     A: Feel good, timeless music. A lot of the Hip Hop in the mainstream today is not timeless. In the past, everyone that listened to Hip Hop could relate.  Now, Hip Hop moves in silos.  So what may feel good to some, may not feel good to
others. So you have to determine which “silo” you belong in.  I’m not trying to fit in. My goal as an artist is to be just that, AN ARTIST.  Someone that can take a blank canvas and lay the foundation.  That same foundation must  create a vivid picture.  It should take the listener to a familiar place. A feel good place.

3.    Q: Do you consider yourself a role model?
     A: Yes. I see myself as a role model because I live to set a positive examples daily. That’s why I started the “Live Young” Foundation.  With “Live Young”, my goal is to provide a platform for the children and adults who felt no one wanted to hear their voice.  When people hear the name VINCCI, they think music.  Because my music doesn’t always come from a “life experience”,  I had to find a way to bridge the gap.  “Live Young” is that bridge.  Its a foundation that I designed to carry the torch for anyone who has been a victim to any form of abuse. I believe many people will be able to relate to my music, but more will relate to my foundation.   I’ll leave you with a VINCCI quote that may sum it up, “Music is inspired by Life… But Life is inspired by Experience”

4.    Q:   So what is on the horizon for Vincci?
     A: Of course my music project is 1st up.  Li Milan Music Group and I are working on getting rotation for my singles in the POP and Hip Hop mainstream.  Visually, we are in the process of completing my 3rd music video.  That video should be ready for release sometime late December. Lastly, I’m super focused on my Live Young Foundation and making a powerful impact within my community.  Christmas is coming, so once again, I will be in the streets giving to those in need. So in a nutshell, I plan to:
                                                                     CREATE, CONTRIBUTE, and CONQUER.

You know I love when artists of all genres use their talent to give back to the community.  Here at Desirable Magazine we
 love that Vincci is not just an artist, he gives back to the community on a regular basis. One non-profit organization that
 Vincci supports is The Live Young Foundation which focuses on being a positive influence to the younger generation.
 Follow him on twitter @iamvincci and see where his road will lead….We will definitely be watching..